A new CEWAR plant producing in the Lublin Economic Zone!

CEWAR, a producer of ultra-precision parts and modern technological solutions for the industry opened a plant in the Lublin Economic Zone in the Felin district on May 29, 2019.

The CEWAR production plant with its office space occupies 3 thousand sq. m and was designed to make further expansion possible. The construction of the new production hall lasted about 11 months. To execute deliveries in a timely manner, the firm has not suspended the production works for the duration of the move and the entire production has been moved in the course of the works.

After the production commencement, among other things, 17 CNC Centres including three 5-axis Hermle C400 operate in the new location. These machines are at the forefront of the global machining. The company achieved high performance and output quality thanks to them.

“The firm has just launched a new production plant in the Lublin Economic Zone. We decided to invest in Felin because the Euro Park Mielec Lublin Subzone Special Economic Zone is developing dynamically. We can observe how Lublin is developing and, by locating our plant in the economic subzone, we are taking advantage of city developing with the support of the Strategy and Investor Service Department at the city hall and of partners in the zone. And we are making our contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in our city”, Stanisław Więch, CEWAR President says.

“We have been operating in Lublin since 1991, initially as a commercial firm and, as of 2012, also as a production firm. Many years of experience in the industry taught us that quality, timeliness and openness to the clients’ expectations and needs are key to the success”, the President adds.

CEWAR export their products to the United States, France, Belgium and the UK. About 30 percent of the company’s output is exported nowadays. The firm plans to increase the exports by 50-60 percent within three years. The construction of another hall of about 2 thousand sq. m and further employment increase are planned at the same time. All these steps are taken to satisfy the market demand for precision products and modern technology solutions. Among other things, the firm produces parts of production lines used in the pharmaceutical industry. It also produces aviation parts and instruments for leading manufacturers in Europe and globally. For example, it cooperates with Leonardo Helicopters (PZL-Świdnik), Pratt & Whitney (a producer of airplane engines) and Sikorsky (a producer of helicopters and airplanes).