End-to-end order processing

We render services ranging from construction to completion.
Siemens NX software supports the engineers’ work.
  • CNC milling ( 3, 4, 5-axis machining)
  • Conventional vertical and horizontal milling
  • CNC turning
  • Conventional turning
  • Planes, holes and shafts grinding
  • Deep hole drilling
  • EDM / WEDM
  • Quenching
  • CNC CMM inspection

We offer end-to-end service from the designing process to the complete product.

We have our own modern machinery obtained from leading producers: Hermle, Okuma, Doosan, Hwacheon.

The entire production is controlled, among other things, with the use of Aberlink and Keyence measurement machinery.

Machines Parameters Quantity
CNC milling machines
Hermle C400 Traverse: X=800, Y=700, Z=500, Ø650
Hermle C250 Traverse: X=600, Y=550, Z=450, Ø450
Hwancheon Vesta 1000 Traverse: X=1000, Y=550, Z=600
Hwancheon Vesta 1050B Traverse: X-1050, Y=600, Z=600
Hwancheon Vesta 1300B Traverse: X=1300, Y=670, Z=680
3-Axis + 1
Avia FNF-40NA Traverse: X=580, Y=320, Z=250
XYZ SMX 5000 Traverse: X=1524, Y=596, Z=584
CNC turning machines
Doosan Lynx 220 Ø220×322 1
Okuma Genos 300 Ø300×450 1
Doosan LYNX 300M Ø350×765 1
CMM machines
Aberlink Zenith too X=1000, Y=1000, Z=600/800 1
Keyence IM-7020 X=200, Y=200 1
Manual / Conventional machines
Conventional milling machines (vertical and horizontal) X=850, Y=400, Z=250 3
Conventional Lathes Ø600×2000 2
Surface Grinders X=1200, Y=500, Z=400 2
Cylindrical Grinders Ø350×1000 2
Internal Grinder Ø100×150 1
Electrical Discharge Machines X=500, Y=400, Z=250 2
Wire Electrical Discharge Machine X=500, Y=350, Z=256 2
Coordinates Drilling Machines X=600, Y=350, Z=300 2

We produce

  • parts for the aerospace industry
  • parts for the extraction industry
  • parts for the railway industry
  • parts for the pharmaceutical industry
  • precise parts for machines

We design and manufacture

  • injection moulds
  • punching dies
  • technological tooling
  • non-standard parts (bolts, nuts, etc.)

They cooperate with us

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